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Our company was started as a family business in 1978 by Aggelos Panagoulias, who was one of the first watermelon growers in Pyrgos, Ilia, Greece, an area which is renowned both for the quality and taste of its watermelons, since its climate leads to its excellent growth. Our company over the years supplied domestic exporters and the internal market.

Our Company, after 35 years production of watermelons, the last 3 years decided to deal with the export. Our long experience and our structure guarantee the quality of services and products by creating a relationship of trust with our customers. Our goal is the excellent service of our customers, the continuous expansion of the range of products that distribute and the expansion of partnerships with foreign companies.

Our philosophy in the company ‘FARM FRESH’ is the continuous improvement of the quality of our products, derived with the smallest possible environmental impact.



Konstantinos Panagoulias
Address: Epitalio (near airport), Pyrgos, Ilia, Greece
Phone: +30.6971779292, +30.2621400757

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"Greek Watermelons with Quality!"

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