BOSTANA F1 – For early production and very sweet taste!

Weight: 4-9 kgr

Harvest day: 28May-6June

Description: Fruit spherical, excellent quality flesh with deep red color.

CELINE F1 – Uniform fruit size for early yield.

Weight: 4-9, 7-12 kgr

Harvest day: 1-10June

Description: Fruit oval shape with excellent internal quality.

CRIMSON TIDE – The most recognizable watermelon.

Weight: 4-9, 7-12 kgr

Harvest day: 6-30June

Description: Fruit uniform oval shape with excellent flavour.

TORPILA F1 – The best barrel of the market

Weight : 8-14 kgr

Harvest day: 12 June-20 Αugust

Description: Fruit perfect shape with excellent color both externally and internally.

SAMANTHA F1 – Barrel with shiny skin.

Weight : 8-14 kgr

Harvest day: 10 June-20 Αugust

Description: Outstanding interior quality, combined with a very attractive, dark striped external look.



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